Value Engineering Services

New Projects

Do you have a new project upcoming and need a place to start? Have you done projects in the past that were plagued by design issues and expensive change orders? Give us an opportunity to meet with you in the early stages to see if we can help to provide you with a point in the right direction. Our staff can see potential problems before they hit your pocketbook. By catching design challenges early on we can help to be sure that your project is on time and on budget like it should be!

Design Review

Perhaps your design is already complete, but the costs are too high or do not seem to be inline with your budget. A meeting with our Project Managers can help you to understand what might be affecting your costs and may be able to provide input on design changes that can provide a suitable finished product for less expense.

Speed Up The Project

Another advantage to Value Engineering in the early stages is the ability to speed up the construction process. Often times, long lead times on parts and materials slow a project when more readily available substitutions can be made. If you have a project with a strict timeline? Than a Design / Build project with Stan Palmer Construction may be exactly what you need.

Why Not?

There is no downside to having a contractor like us review your designs to see if there are design changes that can be made to bring down the cost. At the end of the day, what matters is that your project comes out the way you envisioned it at the lowest cost and that it is finished within your acceptable timeframe. We have become one of the largest West Sound Contractors by performing with excellence for our clients over the last 35 years. We look forward to the opportunity to earn your business!