Design/Build Services

Design & Construction Services Under One Contract

One of the biggest advantages to a design/build project with Stan Palmer Construction is that we can incorporate the design and the construction costs under one contract. There is no back and forth with a designer and builder. We handle all of the issues in-house our staff and our business partners so that you have less hassle and a smoother project.

Cost & Schedule Are Controlled

By having all of the coordination in our office we are able to keep costs down and maintain a schedule easier. Not having down time as we wait for design changes or adjustments limits change conditions and lost time.

Best Method For Fast Track Projects

If you have a project that needs to be done fast, a Design/Build project with Stan Palmer Construction can take months out of a typical build schedule. We can help you through all stages from the early concept and permitting to the final inspections.

Value Engineering

Design/Build allows our Project Managers to be involved in the design process. Although outside Architects and Engineers are very skilled at what they do, they do not have the on site knowledge in many cases that our Project Managers do. By bringing them into the equation we can often rely on past project knowledge to provide design ideas that can drastically reduce the cost of the project. We have often seen 10-20% savings by utilizing this approach.